Private Label Pool Cleaners

Why do so many Robotic Pool Cleaners look the same but are a different brand?

There are hundreds of Robotic Pool Cleaners on the market today. So many in fact, that it can seem impossible to decide which is the best robotic pool cleaner for you.

Well, don’t worry - choosing your robotic cleaner is not as hard as you might think and I’ll explain why.

When you start looking into pool robots, you’ll quickly see as you start looking at the various models that some of the different brand robotic cleaners look very _very_┬ásimilar.

Have a look at the Dolphin S200. Now have a look at the Doheny’s Discovery.

Look very similar don’t they.

Well, the reason they look similar is because they are. They are essentially the same.

They are made by the same manufacturer (Maytronics) and are simply made to look different for sale under a different brand. This is known as “Private Labelling”.

Private label robotic pool cleaners are everywhere. In fact, once you understand that the market is largely dominated by a handful of manufacturers and products, you only really have a choice between a few robots for your pool.

Here are a few more examples of some similar private label robotic pool cleaners. (coming soon!).

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